Block.co transforms the way organizations leverage open source vPDF technology in the issuance, revocation, and validation of self-contained and self-verifiable documents. Block.co’s team is composed of blockchain engineers, scientists and field experts to meet all technical and other requirements of any entity looking to issue, verify or revoke digital documents on the blockchain.

In 2014, the University of Nicosia (UNIC) in Cyprus became the first university to offer an MA in Digital Currencies and accepted Bitcoin for tuition fees, developing a product which enabled academic certificates to be issued on Blockchain which led to the creation of Block.co. The aim was to make it possible for anyone to verify the authenticity of each issued certificate independently and remotely, without a need for an intermediary.

If you are an academic institution, a financial authority or an insurance or shipping company, or any other entity that issues digital documents, the security, and immutability of which you would like to secure - Block.co has the right product for you.

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